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White skull (Tales from the north)

The strongest part of this is the guitar by far. The album is filled with amazing solo’s that will make you tap your feet at the very least; the songs often use the solos before a last chorus. This is very well placed; hearing choruses over and over can get very annoying. In my opinion the music behind the vocals is nothing special, often following similar trends. As I said though, the vocals are the strong enough to counter this. Each song also has a lead in that sets the pace for the song. I like this approach, the vocalist this way gets shared attention with the musicians. After all, an album needs to have a great performance from each side! So once the story is over, an outro comes on. It is very similar to the intro and therefore, in a way, puts a close on the ‘book’.


01 The Quest (Intro) 2:20
02 Tales From The North 4:11
03 Asgard 6:25
04 Gods Of The Sea 7:41
05 Viking’s Tomb 6:35
06 Kriemhild Story 4:11
07 The Killing Queen 3:59
08 The Terrible Slaughter 6:10
09 Horant 3:50
10 Fighting And Feasting 5:43
11 Here We Are 5:40
12 Still Alive (Outro) 1:24

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of White skull:

Italian metal band White Skull debuted on North American shores in 1999 with the concept album Tales from the North, following European releases such as Embittered. Public Glory Secret Agony followed in fall 2000.

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