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Nightwish (Angels fall first)

The CD opens up with Elvenpath, which is definitely the best song of the album. It’s still one of the live favorites whenever they decide to play it, it has many of the elements which makes Nightwish a successful formula today what’s with speedy solos, excellent vocals & a very catchy chorus. The only weird thing in this one is well… the lyrics, but also the fact that they have sampled clips from the animated Lord of the Rings movie. Surprised?


01 Elvenpath
02 Beauty And The Beast
03 The Carpenter
04 Astral Romance
05 Angels Fall First
06 Tutankhamen
07 Nymphomaniac Fantasia
08 Know Why The Nightingale Sings
09 Lappi (Lapland)
1 – I: Erämaajärvi
2 – II: Witchdrums
3 – III: This Moment Is Eternity
4 – IV: Etiäinen
10 Once Upon A Troubadour [2004 digipack Spinefarm re-release bonus]
11 A Return To The Sea [2004 digipack Spinefarm re-release bonus]
12 A Return To The Sea [2007 re-release bonus]
13 Nightwish [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]
14 The Forever Moments [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]
15 Etiäinen [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of Nightwish:

Following in the footsteps of the Gathering and Lacuna Coil (goth-influenced "symphonic" metal bands with female vocalists), Nightwish were formed in Kitee, Finland, in 1997 by keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. Initially attempting to create acoustic music, he recruited trained opera vocalist Tarja Turunen, but soon added full metal band instrumentation in the persons of guitarist Emppo Vuorinen, bassist Sami Vänskä, and drummer Jukka Nevalainen. Nightwish's demos landed them a contract with the Finnish label Spinefarm, which released their debut album, Angels Fall First, in late 1997 (it appeared in the rest of Europe the following year). The follow-up, Oceanborn, appeared in late 1998 and made Nightwish a bona fide mainstream success in their homeland; the album reached the Finnish Top Five and spun off three Top Ten singles.

WishmasterNightwish toured Europe heavily, consolidating their success, and in 2000 recorded their third album, Wishmaster. Not only did it top the Finnish charts, but it also became the group's first album to be released in the U.S. (by Century Media, which reissued their previous albums in 2001 as well). Released in 2002, Century Child proved a massive hit in Finland and around Europe, but 2004's Once saw them go one step further and conquer Europe. Number one in Germany and number one in the European Top 100, Once's success was the product of a band at the top of its game following years of hard work. Marco Hietala was now on bass, replacing Sami Vänskä, while in 2005 Swedish singer Anette Olzon replaced Tarja Turunen, who was fired for personal reasons. Dark Passion Play (2007) and the concept album Imaginaerum (2011) both featured Olzon before she and the band parted ways in 2012, halfway through the band's world tour.

Showtime, Storytime At short notice, ex-After Forever frontwoman Floor Jansen stepped in to take over on lead vocal duties; the immense pressures on her were later revealed in the behind-the-scenes film Please Learn the Setlist in 48 Hours. Jansen's powerful voice was a perfect fit for Nightwish. She was embraced immediately by their passionate fans, and was soon made a permanent member, alongside English piper Troy Donockley. Nightwish's first commercial release with Jansen was 2013's live album Showtime, Storytime, which documented their triumphant show at that year's Wacken Open Air metal festival in front of an 85,000-strong crowd. Endless Forms Most Beautiful, the group's eighth studio album and first with Jansen on board, followed in early 2015. The set placed on no less than ten different charts including the Top 200 (number 34) and hard rock charts (number two). The set was supported by a lavish multimedia touring extravaganza over the following 18 months. Two concerts at Wembley Stadium (which featured an on-stage appearance from scientist Richard Dawkins) and Ratina Stadion in Finland were produced as a deluxe two-disc video package titled Vehicle of Spirit, issued in December 2016. A separate audio soundtrack was also released.

Decades The band took an extended break in preparation for activities to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018. First up was the release of Decades, a double-length compilation compiled from eight studio albums and, as a bonus, including their very first demo. The album was released in March of 2018, and coincided with Nightwish's 20th anniversary world tour.

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    Dark passion play

The dismissal of front woman Tarja Turunen from the storied symphonic metal band Nightwish was and continues to be one of the most controversial events in European metal. For many listeners, dedicated or otherwise, Turunen was Nightwish. While Tuomas Holopainen has always been the true creative force, her once distinct soaring operatic vocals were always the most instantly definable elements of the Nightwish sound. In the now infamous open letter to Turunen, the band proclaimed that they expelled her from the band due to her growing arrogance and lack of dedication to the band, as well as her husband's manipulations in their internal affairs.

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First of all, Oceanborn is a huge step when thinking about Nightwish's debut album, Angels Fall First. All the elements of folk music and ambience are forgotten, and instead Nightwish have concentrated on using Tarja Turunen's wide voice and playing pure heavy metal. Or, well, another description could be opera metal.

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"Wishmaster", the band's third studio album, was released in May 2000 and the "Wishmaster" Tour started from Kitee, the home town of the band. After the show the band received gold discs for their second album Oceanborn and the singles "Sacrament of Wilderness", "Walking in the Air" and "Sleeping Sun". Wishmaster went straight to number 1 on the Finnish album charts and stayed on the pole position for three weeks. In those three weeks it also reached the gold disc mark. Wishmaster was approved by both the fans and the media and it was named the album of the month by the German magazine Rock Hard in their issue 6/2000, past the long-awaited new releases by Bon Jovi and Iron Maiden.

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