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Moonspell (Sin/Pecado)

Moonspell radically change their sound from black/gothic metal to experimental rock, but somehow manage to pull that off perfectly. An unusual but excellent album.

What a difference a mere two years can make. In 1996 Moonspell managed to establish them as a force within metal to be reckoned with – especially in Portugal – and were one of the most promising black/gothic metal bands out there. Here we are in 1998 and Moonspell return with their third full-length release – usually a crucial one for bands trying to separate them from the rest of the bunch – that is called Sin/Pecado, yet they almost seem like a complete other band.


01 Slow Down! 0:40
02 HandMadeGod 5:33
03 2econd Skin 4:51
04 Abysmo 4:59
05 Flesh 3:04
06 Magdalene 6:17
07 V.C. (Gloria Domini) 4:59
08 EuroticA 3:49
09 Mute 5:58
10 Dekadance 5:49
11 Let The Children Cum To Me… 6:53
12 The Hanged Man 6:26
13 13! 2:42

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of Moonspell:

Hailing from Portugal, the doomy goth metal quintet Moonspell consists of vocalist Fernando Ribeiro, guitarist Ricardo Amorim, keyboardist/programmer Pedro Paixão, bassist Sérgio Crestana, and drummer Mike Gaspar. After a poorly distributed 1994 album for the French Adipocere label, Moonspell debuted on Century Media in 1995 with Wolfheart; it was followed in 1996 by Irreligious and in 1998 by Sin/Pecado. Moonspell returned in 1999 with Butterfly Effect. Two years later, the group released Darkness and Hope, produced by Hiili Hiilesman. In 2003, Moonspell collaborated with author José Luís Peixoto to release The Antidote, an album and book of the same name that told a complete narrative. Three years later, the group returned with Memorial, which was produced by Waldemar Sorychta and was the first to be released on the SPV Steamhammer label. In 2008, the group released their ninth album, Night Eternal. The ambitious Alpha Noir, the band's ninth outing and first double LP, arrived in 2012, and was followed by Extinct in 2015. November 2017 saw the release of 1755, a concept album about the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

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    Darkness and hope

After the diversified and experimental "The Butterfly Effect", Moonspell reinvented itself once again and headed for another direction of the gothic genre. "Darkness and Hope" is an elegiac gothic rock album recalling the slowest tunes of bands such as Lacrimas Profundere, Paradise Lost and The 69 Eyes. Those who are expecting the band to return to their roots and those who were wrongfully complaining about a so-called more commercial approach on the previous records, should definitely ignore this release. Fans of the aforementioned bands and gothics in general should give the band's fifth studio album in only six years a few spins.

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