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Lagwagon (Let´s talk about feelings)

By 1998, the melodic/skate punk boom that was ushered into the mainstream, with the help of “Dookie” and “Smash”, was starting to wane. Lagwagon had released arguably one of the best of the bunch with Hoss in 1994 and followed it up with another melodic punk rock gem, “Double Plaidinum” in ‘97. The bands that had were leading the pack were starting to mature and expand their sound for better or for worse. (See, Bad Religion’s “No Substance” or NOFX’s “Heavy Petting Zoo”). Singer Joey Cape himself was starting to reinvent himself as a songwriter and was looking to shed the “silly pop punk persona” the band seemed to have. While the music on “Let’s Talk About Feelings” leaned towards a more pop punk sound than previous efforts, the song writing structure took on a more complex and serious nature.

Much more melodic and varied than anything the band had released yet, this record was filled with metal riffing, pop song structures, strings, piano and some of the best songs they’d recorded. In short, the song writing on this record was the most mature and experimental of Cape’s, then still young, career.


01 “After You My Friend” 2:34
02 “Gun in Your Hand” 2:02
03 “Leave the Light On” 1:54
04 “Change Despair” 1:55
05 “Train” 2:24
06 “Hurry up and Wait” 0:34
07 “Everything Turns Grey” (Agent Orange cover) 1:49
08 “Love Story” 2:20
09 “Messengers” 1:57
10 “The Kids Are All Wrong” 1:07
11 “May 16” 2:57
12 “Owen Meaney” 3:43

Total length: 25:25

2011 Reissue Bonus Tracks:

13 “A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry” 1:32
14 “Alison’s Disease” 3:09
15 “Narrow Straits” 2:07
16 “Eat Your Words” 4:37
17 “Want” 3:20
18 “Burn that Bridge When We Get to It” 2:38
19 “Losing Everyone” 1:50
20 “Jimmy Johnson” 1:43
21 “Randal Gets Drunk” 0:28
22 “Messengers (Early Version)” 2:02
23 “Bring on the Dancing Horses” (Echo & the Bunnymen Cover) 2:53
24 “Off the Wagon (Demo)” 2:07
25 “May 16 (Acoustic)” 2:39
26 “Burn that Bridge When We Get to It (Acoustic)” 2:23

Total length: 59:02

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

Download full album
Download full album

Biography of Lagwagon:

Southern California punks Lagwagon formed in the small town of Goleta in 1990. Originally dubbed Section 8, Lagwagon's lineup frequently fluctuated during their formative period and, by the time of the band's 1992 debut, Duh, was comprised of singer Joey Cape, guitarists Chris Flippin and Shawn Dewey, bassist Jesse Buglione, and drummer Derrick Plourde. Trashed followed two years later, and in 1995 Lagwagon returned with Hoss; Plourde left the band shortly after and was replaced by ex-Rich Kids on LSD drummer Dave Raun. Former Posies guitarist Ken Stringfellow also replaced Dewey in time for Lagwagon's next effort, 1997's Double Plaidinum; he soon departed as well, and another Rich Kids alum, guitarist Chris Rest, was on board for 1998's Let's Talk About Feelings. It took five years to record 2003's Blaze -- Let's Talk About Leftovers, a compilation of B-sides, outtakes, and songs both old and new appeared in 2000, but it found the group as reliable as ever, touting anthems both political and personal. Cape then issued a split acoustic album, aptly titled Acoustic, with No Use for a Name's Tony Sly in 2004. Both Live in a Dive and Resolve were released in 2005. The latter album was dedicated to drummer Plourde; sadly, he had committed suicide earlier in the year. Joey Cape carried on, playing on the side as a guitarist for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, touring Europe with Lagwagon, and completing a solo acoustic album in June of 2008, after a two-year process. August brought forth a new EP for the band, titled I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen, which, including their first 7", marked their tenth release on Fat Wreck Chords. Hang, Lagwagon's eighth full-length and first in nine years, arrived in the Fall of 2014.

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In 1992 Lagwagon put out it's debut album enititled Duh. This is in my opinion one of the best CD's in punk rock. Lagwagon has a raw sound that echoes throughout cd. Standout tracks being: "Tragic Vision", "Bury the Hatchet", "Stop Whining", and the cover track "Bad Moon Rising". There isn't much else that you could say about this CD other than it was the dawn of Lagwagon.

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