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For my pain (Fallen)

This is a really professional work, crystal clear production, nice arrangements, great vocals and musicianship. From the opener “My wound is deeper than yours” you know that you’re up to a good trip with these guys.


01 “My Wound Is Deeper Than Yours” – 3:43
02 “Dancer In The Dark” – 3:44
03 “Queen Misery” – 5:22
04 “Sea Of Emotions” – 3:55
05 “Rapture Of Lust” – 3:54
06 “Broken Days” – 4:01
07 “Dear Carniwhore” – 3:54
08 “Bed Of Dead Leaves” – 5:00
09 “Autumn Harmony” – 4:45
10 “Tomorrow Is Closed Gate (Dead For So Long)” – 4:49

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of For my pain:

Realizing that Finnish rock fans were experiencing a sudden love affair with commercially savvy goth metal bands such as H.I.M., Entwine, and To/Die/For, a group of opportunistic veterans from the regional extreme metal scene decided to focus their energies on what was previously just a side project called For My Pain.... Featuring guitarist Olli-Pekka Törrö, bassist Altti Veteläinen, and drummer Petri Sankala of Eternal Tears of Sorrow, keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish, guitarist Lauri Tuohimaa of Charon, and Reflexion vocalist Juha Kylmänen, For My Pain... made their debut with 2003's Fallen album, released through Finland's own Spinefarm Records.

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