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Equillibrium (Erdentempel)

German Epic Metal pioneers EQUILIBRIUM set aflame a new bonfire in 2014 with their fourth full-length effort »Erdentempel«.

Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost four years working on the new creation. The outcome is a very emotional and above all very personal album, that leads back to the roots of the band, without neglecting the bombast of the previous two records. Melodic Metal, powerful yet playful, heavy but emotional, inspired but independent.


01 Ankunft 0:51
02 Was Lange Währt 5:10
03 Waldschrein 5:21
04 Karawane 4:52
05 Uns’rer Flöten Klang 4:21
06 Freiflug 4:57
07 Heavy Chill 6:06
08 Wirtshaus Gaudi 2:41
09 Stein Meiner Ahnen 5:42
10 Wellengang 5:11
11 Apokalypse 5:14
12 The Unknown Episode 5:51

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of Equillibrium:

Originally formed in 2001 with the intention of playing just one show, Germany's Equilibrium quickly changed their minds and, over time, joined scores of new millennium heavy metal bands (Windir, Turisas, Negura Bunget, Eluveitie, etc.) devoted to penning songs steeped in the cultural traditions, legends, and folklore of their homeland. In Equilibrium's case, this happens to be the historically significant state of Bavaria -- home to the Black Forest, the Brothers Grimm, Oktoberfest...in short, almost limitless regional material with which to populate the group's symphonic brand of pagan-folk-black metal. This creative process began in earnest in 2003 via Equilibrium's first demo tape, and steadily gained momentum with a series of impressive club and festival performances, ultimately resulting in the release of 2005's debut album, Turis Fratyr, featuring the lineup of vocalist Helge Stang, guitarists René Berthiaume and Andreas Völkl, bassist Sandra Völkl, drummer Julius Koblitzek, and guest keyboard player Armin Dörfler. Three years later, Equilibrium were back with their sophomore adventure, Sagas, which kicked off a new relationship with Nuclear Blast Records, introduced new drummer Manuel DiCamillo, and carried on bringing traditional Bavarian elements into the world of extreme metal.

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