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Covenant (Northern light)

Being comprised of beautiful synthesizers, smooth atmospheres, and charming lyrics, ‘The Northern Light’ is an accessible creation from the hands of Covenant.

Northern Light is what you could call Covenant at their pinnacle and most daring, per say. Although they have made few stellar albums, this atmospheric-drenched and awe-inspiring long-player showcases that Covenant are a truly dedicated, hard-working group. With the production being almost frighteningly clean and smooth at times, Northern Light is well-displayed and certainly grasping from a musical and even lyrical aim. For an album that (I’m guessing) was probably questioned and minimally answered mostly because of Covenant’s shaky past (bad albums, production, lack of creativity within some of their albums),Northern Light by no means disappoints and is a definite sweet spot for the band, despite some drawbacks.


01 Monochrome 5:00
02 Call The Ships To Port 4:56
03 Bullet 5:02
04 Invisible & Silent 4:38
05 Prometheus 5:40
06 We Stand Alone 5:29
07 Rising Sun 6:00
08 Winter Comes 4:56
09 We Want Revolution 4:44
10 Scared 6:59
11 Atlas 5:15

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

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Biography of Covenant:

Covenant is a Swedish electronic band signed to San Francisco's 21st Circuitry Records. Their music is built around deep, droning tones and thundering rhythms that support dark songs focusing on science fictional and cyberpunk themes, such as "Replicant" and "Painamplifier" from Dreams of a Cryotank. The third recorded band to use the name Covenant, they issued The United States of Mind in early 2000.

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