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Charon (The dying daylights)

Our Finnish guys are back with their fourth release only 18 months after the release of Downhearted. If you’re going to college, you know that when you’re in your fourth year you are considered as a senior and that it’s your last year, therefore you’re supposed to give the best of yourself.


01 Failed
02 Religious/Delicious
03 Death Can Dance
04 In Brief War
05 Guilt On Skin
06 Unbreak, Unchain
07 Drive
08 Every Failure
09 In Trust Of No One
10 If
11 No Saint Backing Vocals [Additional Backing Vocals] – Agony Patrol
12 The King Is Dead

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

Download full album
Download full album

Biography of Charon:

Comprising Carsten Sprigode (vocals), Holger Wickens (guitar), Michael Cars (guitar), Eberhard Feldttahn (bass) and Andreas Feldham (drums), German hard rock group Charon formed in Hamburg in 1982. The intuitive guitar interplay between Wickens and Cars dominated their self-titled debut album for Heavy Metal Records, released in 1984. It was followed two years later by the more forceful and better produced Made In Aluminium - an obvious attempt to broaden their appeal that failed to produce the desired result. They broke up shortly after its release.

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While on the second album, Tearstained, Sentenced's influence was obvious, what we have here can be classified somewhere halfway between Sentenced and HIM. But make no mistake - it's not "love metal"! On Downhearted heavy riffs are not sacrificed for the sake of more melodic sound. Still sounding heavy and aggressive, this album still somehow manages to capture this melancholic atmosphere finnish bands are known for... Incredible and catchy vocal lines, perfect arrangements, songs filled with deep emotions - dark and bitter sweet, but in no way cheesy; beautiful female back vocals on almost every track - just about everything you can expect from a gothic metal album, you'll find here.

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They may not be all that original, but there is a touch of an x-factor in Charon -- something which is essential for any great band -- which sets them apart from the chaff of mere imitating hangers-on that every scene is polluted by. Comparisons between Charon and their Finnish cousins Sentenced hold ground beyond the band photos presented in _Tearstained_'s inlay, but Charon acquit themselves in producing this stunningly catchy and impressive album of distinctly gothic-leaning songs, but songs which never forget to be invigoratingly metal. Since their _Sorrowburn_ debut of two years ago Charon have evidently worked hard, honing their songwriting skills and expanding their musical thinking. It has all paid off and the impact is felt throughout _Tearstained_'s forty-five minutes. Should Charon build on this momentum, then I can only see them go from strength to strength in the years to come, provided they don't allow themselves to slip into a one-dimensional groove and thus stop exploring new musical territory.

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