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Lipzia (Lejos de la realidad)

In the last two years, Lipzia has grown up to reach an own sound on their songs that combine power and melody at most pure rock north-american style with their lyrics in spanish and always without loosing the essence of the 90’s (which decade push them to build this project). The final result is a cocktail of influences like Pearl Jam, Audioslave or Faith no more until Muse, 30 seconds to Mars or Alter Bridge. Also their are influenced by Héroes del silencio, El fantástico hombre bala, La Vacazul, Söber, etc…

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Keane (Strangeland)

Four albums in, Keane songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley shows no signs of adjusting to fame. His lyrics for Strangeland ache with nostalgia and regret, for simpler days and a time before responsibility. Perhaps if he took that responsibility less seriously, his songs wouldn’t come across as platitudinous chapters in a self-help book, crammed with exhortations to “have faith in brighter days” and “don’t hang your head ’til your distance is run”, which Tom Chaplin delivers with customary gusto. Add clap-along drums, stomping piano riffs and, in opening track You Are Young, echoes of Joshua Tree-era U2, and it’s clear Rice-Oxley is his own worst enemy, a willing slave to ambition. But resistance is futile, because what Keane perfect in these stadium-swelling anthems is the meticulous yet ineffable melodic progression that goes straight for the emotional reflex, defying you to listen to Disconnected or In Your Own Time without shivering at their loveliness.

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Love of lesbian (El poeta Halley)

El poeta Halley is the name of the 8th album of the indie rock spanish band Love of lesbian. It was released on 4th of March of 2016 by Warner Music and it has got 13 tracks. The band received a latin Grammy.

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Band of horses (Everything all the time)

Wedding the elemental, earthworn rock of My Morning Jacket to the atmospheric pop of the Shins or Red House Painters, this debut from Sub Pop signees Band of Horses is immediately, invitingly familiar. But if its roots are recognizable, the music is anything but commonplace.

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Pearl jam (Ten)

Pearl Jam‘s excellent debut is one of the most potent and indelible of debut albums ever released. The album called Ten was released in August 1991, at the vanguard of a new musical movement spearheaded by the Seattle grunge invasion. This album has sold just over ten million copies to date. More importantly, the fusion of syles and songcraft worked to forge a sound which would have immediate ripples through the hard rock world and beyond.

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