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Find the best metal albums we have chosen for you, click on the title of the album to access to it’s detailed post. You’ll find the related albums of the band at the bottom of it’s post. Use the search textbox upper to quickly find your favourite bands, artists or songs. Enjoy! \m/

Moonspell (Darkness and hope)

After the diversified and experimental “The Butterfly Effect”, Moonspell reinvented itself once again and headed for another direction of the gothic genre. “Darkness and Hope” is an elegiac gothic rock album recalling the slowest tunes of bands such as Lacrimas Profundere, Paradise Lost and The 69 Eyes. Those who are expecting the band to return to their roots and those who were wrongfully complaining about a so-called more commercial approach on the previous records, should definitely ignore this release. Fans of the aforementioned bands and gothics in general should give the band’s fifth studio album in only six years a few spins.

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Crematory (Awake)

Crematory found a competent partner in Nuclear Blast who, with the release fo „Awake“, would bring Crematory to unknown heights.

The band delivered a brilliant piece of melodic Gothic – Metal after their legendary predecessors. “Awake“ went straight into the German album charts at N.54.

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Deathstars (The perfect cult)

Overall, “The Perfect Cult” in all its 42 minute glory does not represent anything completely new or innovative, but then again, why should it? DEATHSTARS have clearly stuck with their proven formula for writing tracks. I find it difficult to assign this album a rating; on the one hand, critics will claim that “The Perfect Cult” is a pure recycling effort of all of DEATHSTARS’ previous melodies, whilst fans will likely claim that the band has distilled their unique sound, and that “The Perfect Cult” is the quintessential follow-up to “Night Electric Night”.

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Ghost (Popestar)

The “Popestar” EP was kept secret until the release date! The EP includes five songs: “Square Hammer” plus the four cover versions “Nocturnal me” (cover version of ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN), “I believe” (cover version of SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO), “Missionary man” (cover version of EURYTHMICS), ” Bible “(cover version of IMPERIET).

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