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Find the best metal albums we have chosen for you, click on the title of the album to access to it’s detailed post. You’ll find the related albums of the band at the bottom of it’s post. Use the search textbox upper to quickly find your favourite bands, artists or songs. Enjoy! \m/

In flames (Clayman)

On Clayman, each track is something else but the highlights are clearly the raw ‘Pinball Map’ and the more melodic ‘Only For The Weak’. My personal favorites are ‘Square Nothing’, with its acoustic beginning and ‘Suburban Me’. But as I’ve said before, all these tracks are gorgeous. The cover ‘World Of Promises’ kicks serious ass and the lucky Japanese metalheads can listen to even more material [the usual Japanese bonus track…] with ‘Strong And Smart’, which could be totally part of the album as a “regular track”.

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Mondträume (Still beating)

Exactly one year after their first steps on the Alfa Matrix label with the instant club hit EP “Life Is Short”, the Spanish duo MONDTRÄUME strikes back with the highly emotional new song “Still Beating”! A stunning release that will no doubt please the band’s growing fanbase who all fell under their dark synthpop spell since their much acclaimed album “Empty”… This melancholic danceable track “Still Beating” deals with cancer and is dedicated to all patients and their family struggling against this difficult and terrible disease…

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Macbeth (Romantic tragedy´s crescendo)

Macbeth’s debut album, Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo, is one of the finest gothic metal albums I’ve heard and the best one that the Italian band has released. At first I was attracted by the cover of the album which, by the way, is one of the best and most beautiful covers I have ever seen, but I loved the disc after listening it because of the many emotions that the lyrics and the music make you feel.

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White skull (Tales from the north)

The strongest part of this is the guitar by far. The album is filled with amazing solo’s that will make you tap your feet at the very least; the songs often use the solos before a last chorus. This is very well placed; hearing choruses over and over can get very annoying. In my opinion the music behind the vocals is nothing special, often following similar trends. As I said though, the vocals are the strong enough to counter this. Each song also has a lead in that sets the pace for the song. I like this approach, the vocalist this way gets shared attention with the musicians. After all, an album needs to have a great performance from each side! So once the story is over, an outro comes on. It is very similar to the intro and therefore, in a way, puts a close on the ‘book’.

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Tristania (Widow´s weeds)

Widow’s Weeds is the first full-length of Tristania. The band was formed two years earlier by Einar Moen-keys, Keneth Olsson-drums and Morten Veland-guitars/vocals. Morten was the main figure behind Tristania back then. After a self-titled EP in 1997 that got rave reviews around Europe they signed a record deal with Napalm records and started preparing this masterpiece.

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Cryptic wintermoon (Of shadows… and the dark things you fear)

Germany’s Cryptic Wintermoon are already veteran performers, releasing a number of projects on smaller labels before solidifying their lineup for their Massacre debut A Coming Storm. The title track is a chilling intro with eerie, distorted vocals akin to Dimmu Borgir’s “Puritania,” but the band follows that with their own distinctive brand of cold, brutal, yet Melodic Metal.

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Dragonforce (Maximum overload)

The new album ‘Maximum Overload’ continues Dragonforce’s newfound diversity, picking up where ‘The Power Within’ left off. Long time Dragonforce producer Karl Groom has been outed in favour of Swede native Jens Bogren, who has worked with a plethora of other bands including Turisas, Amon Amarth, Symphony X, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Paradise Lost and Australia’s own Ne Obliviscaris and Be’lakor. His work with those bands and all the others has been top-notch and listening to the new CD, I can hear just how much influence and direction has actually come from Bogren himself.

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Bishop of Hexen (Archives of an enchanted philosophy)

Symphonic black metal is a somewhat underappreciated genre, and this album definitely does justice to that term. I have seen very few people talking about this album, and usually instead bring up their 2006 album “The Nightmarish Compositions”, because of the video game Brutal Legend. This one is constantly overshadowed, sadly, and yet I feel this album is much more superior and creative.

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Equillibrium (Erdentempel)

German Epic Metal pioneers EQUILIBRIUM set aflame a new bonfire in 2014 with their fourth full-length effort »Erdentempel«.

Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost four years working on the new creation. The outcome is a very emotional and above all very personal album, that leads back to the roots of the band, without neglecting the bombast of the previous two records. Melodic Metal, powerful yet playful, heavy but emotional, inspired but independent.

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In flames (Reroute to remain)

This is it. The infamous album. The album where In Flames definitely left the underground and joined the mainstream. The sound could be heard on the “Cloud Connected” single released prior to this album (which is strange because this is one of the least interesting tracks on the album) and caused quite a stir in the metal press. Some hailed the new sound, some hated it, but the fact (as seen from this time distance) is that the whole thing was exaggerated and the change isn’t THAT drastic. It is just the next step in the speeding evolution of their music.

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