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Arwen (Memories of a dream)

The sound of the band can be categorized as a very melodic Power Metal style with some progressive elements. In fact, if you like Angra (especially some of the softer side of the band) then you’ll probably like this band as well. They have a striking similarity to Angra’s style (especially the Fireworks album) but don’t really sound like a copy-cat band at all. They add their own unique touch and the result is a very enjoyable album. Musically, there’s lots of fast and speedy Power Metal riffing with lots of guitar/keyboard runs and fills giving the band a touch of a Neo-classical sound.


01 Transcendental Overture 2:13
02 Dreamland 4:15
03 Between Love And Pain 5:50
04 Time’s Gate 6:33
05 Alone 5:36
06 So High 4:35
07 Woodheart 1:24
08 Once Upon A Time 5:52
09 Eternally 3:39
10 At The End 6:31
11 New Life 3:30

Don’t you know how this album sounds? Listen to a sample:

Download full album
Download full album

Biography of Arwen:

Arwen are: María del Carmen Castaño [aka Mamen] (vocals), Jose A. Garrido (guitar), Luis M. Hernandez (bass), Roberto Peña de Camús (keyboards), Nacho Ruiz (vocals, guitar, 1997-2007), Rosalva Alonso (keyboards, 1998-2005), Nacho Arriaga (drums, 1999-present), Alberto Avilés (guitar, 1999-present), Jonathan Zapatero (keyboards, 2000-2002), Javier Díez (keyboards, 2003-present)

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